Tuesday 29 June 2010


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Didn't linger and headed onto Belgium. Antwerp is a great place (http://www.antwerp.com/). Would definitely come back here again. The architecture was amazing, I have a soft spot for the gothic. The main square was even nicer than Brussels and when we arrived was full up with people for the end of the Gay Pride celebrations =). A lot of rainbows everywhere, happy site. Ate some nice waffles and definitely enjoyed the scenery. Quickly headed out to the port, but couldn't seem to find the proper entrance, but we did see a lot of oil processing and glanced at the sea. Onto Luxembourg.

Monday 28 June 2010

An overnight stop in Luxembourg

Onto Luxembourg. We were staying in an extremely remote place called Dirbach (http://www.dirbach.eu/) which was just lovely. We were lucky enough to even see baby trout swimming upstream and jumping up a man made dam - fascinating that these little guys could do it. Martin ate horse (I tried some - tasted like beefy liver), and we enjoyed our lovely evening in the cabin by the stream.

The next day we left quite early and head back up to Germany. Stopped just before the Luxembourgh/Germany border at this hill top town and enjoyed nice food and coffees.