Sunday 20 May 2007


After a 6 hour train ride from Budapest, I arrived in Zagreb, Croatia. IT WAS HOT! The temperature was 32 degrees C. Very painful when trying to lug around a suitcase. Got on the tram and got off at what I thought was the right stop but it wasn’t so walked to where I was supposed to go. Only to find out that Croatians are very silly have two tram stops with the same name on the same line!!!! After consulting a pharmacist who rang my hostel for me, I got going the right way again, and got on the same tram going the opposite direction to the same stop opposite end. Checked in no probs.

It was after this point that I discovered the Zagreb isn't that big, and the main sites of interest are actually able to be seen in an afternoon. The architecture is the main highlight of this area with the buildings being beautifully restored after the wars. Thankfully Zagreb was only a stop point along my way, and I wouldn't really recommend it for much else.

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