Thursday 20 December 2007

Xian and Hong Kong

The highlight of my trip to China was seeing the Terracota soldiers. The first pit was amazing. Felt so surreal being there. There are over 6000 soldiers in the pit. Spent half a day there just lookin around the complex.

Only 2 pits were open sadly, and the museum. Also saw some important government offical there (not sure who exactly, but high up from the mass security and road cade). Afterwards headed back to town and went to the city walls which were massive. 12m high and about 3 lane car widths wide. And they are completely intact around the whole old Xian. Walked around a bit and also went to a Feng Shu museum where I also got a lecture on feng shu,. most interesting. The to the east bell tower,which is the dead center of town.

That evening went to a Chinese show/opera and had a fancy meal of the local delicacy which is special dumplings. The taste was amazing and there were over 30 different ones that I got to try. The show was very nice as well. My final day in Xian I went to seethe white goose pagoda which was very large and even saw some buddists from Thailand praying. Very interesing. and the provincal museum, which had a large number of fascinating artefact, as Xian was the captial of China for 13 dynasty's. Had a proper Chinese tea ceremony ( bought a very interesting one)., and went to a silk carpet factory.
Headed off for HK late in the evening.

In Hong Kong I did a heritage tour which went to places not normally seen by tourists. That took half my time and with the rest I walked around, walked along the avenue of stars (chinese version of Hollywood walk of fame), and went to the Space Center.

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