Wednesday 10 November 2010


We were up very early the next morning as we were off for a day trip to Morocco! Got the ferry no problem (although it left late) and a free bus from Tangier Med port (60km away) to Tangier. Explored a bit. Ate (yummy!!!) and explored some more. The marketplace or Old Medina, was awesome and just as I had imagined it would be with lots of alleyways and twists and turns so you get completely lost and mixed around. Had some Moroccan mint tea at one of the first tea houses in Tangier (represented by the fact the phone number only had 4 digits). Found some nice older monuments and the old wall which is not crumbling down the cliff. Bought some nice souvenirs and then headed back after about 8 hours in tangier. Hotel = bed time.

Tangier was easily enjoyed within a day, but I am very sure that the rest of Morocco has a different aspect and part to enjoy and we would recommend exploring it.

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