Friday 8 April 2011

Brief Bratislava

Due to the timing of buses, trains and flights, we had a bit of time to explore the capital city of Slovakia. Bratislava is a very clean city, I loved this about it the first time I came here when I was studying in Budapest. Nothing too much has changed, there are a few new buildings but its still a “little big city”. It is a great place to set yourself to explore Slovakia and other major cities as its very close to Vienna, Budapest and Brno. Within the city there are a lot of gardens, as until recent history (late 18th century) a third of the city was actually still royal gardens belonging to Bratislava castle. This time we didn’t explore Bratislava castle, but it sits high upon a hill overlooking the whole city. These days its mainly a museum with various exhibitions. The stare mestro or old town is still a great place to explore. There are cute statues to play with and the buildings are kept in good condition so there is  quite a bit of interesting architecture.

Another great place to just relax and explore in the sun, is the Danube. This famous river meanders its way through Europe and several major cities, Bratislava being one of them. Along the Danube is a great walk and lots of places to just sit and watch the water traffic go by. Good coffees and ice cream.

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