Monday 2 February 2009

A 2009 stopover

Onwards to England where my friend George, from Glasgow Uni, picked me up and we headed to
his place in Cambridge. Sadly this is the point when the jet lag caught up with me and I didn't do too much as I was exhausted. But I did manage to see Cambridge in its lovely wintery snow, as the day I arrived the worst snow in 18 years arrived in Britain and brought England to a virtual stand still. I also went down to London for 2 nights to catch up with Jess and Keiran, from Dunedin, in Greenwich. Had a lovely time there and saw the prettier side of London. Then back up to Cambridge for a night, after which Geroge kindly drove me down to Luton to fly out to Poland. Was gutted as in the end my flight was delayed 5.5 hours so I coulnd' t see Katowice or Krakow with Martin and his parents.

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