Sunday 17 December 2006

An excursion through the jungle

ust a quick 4 hour hike through the jungle in Costa Rica was an amazing experience, especially when walking across the bridges between valleys that gave you an impressive view of the area from above. Sadly I didn't see a sloth during my walks but did learn about different types of trees and vines and other things I had never seen before.

At the end of the jungle walk was a Hummingbird sanctuary. Here I had the pleasure of being hit in the head by one of these birds that obviously misjudged by movements. The noise that they make is incredible! They are a spectacular creature. Also had the time to visit a butterfly house but sadly there were not many as it was between the breeding sessions, but the colors were still amazing.
Enjoyed a slice of the local cuisine before having to head back to the cruise ship. During this journey we covered many a country.

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