Monday 28 September 2009

The start of things in 2009 in Southend-on-Sea

Its been quite a while since I last wrote. We have been living in England for nearly 3 months now and things have certainly changed. I am now a working girl. Have been working for nearly the last month as a Biology lecturer at South East Essex College, which is a further education institution aka a polytech. I am predominantly teaching what we would call in NZ, fountain year at Uni. I have a wide range of classes and group ages my oldest student is 54.
We are now also all grown up and have a place of our own, in an apartment complex in Prittlewell, Southend-on-Sea, which is just 50 mins outta downtown London by train (which is faster than

commuting from Zone 4-6, for those that know London and the joys of metroing!!). We have a 2 bedroom apartment with an ensuite and spare bathroom, so its quite fancy, and a julliard balcony which is a silly thing that means you have a door instead of a window but it goes no where thanks to the "balcony"..

Yes I am bragging =). Also we have badgers in our "backyard". Which is very cool, they are about the size of a dog and like to fight.

The traveling has mostly come to a stand still due to lack of monies and working really limits things. But we have been to some fun events around London like the Nottinghill Festival (biggest one in London). Also caught up with quite a few friends that have been passing through london for various reasons which has been awesome.

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