Wednesday 2 March 2011

Macedonian Countryside

Macedonian countryside
Typical village
 On route to Greece, we passed through the country of Macedonia. After driving through Serbia it was a stark change from villages every so often to very sparsely populated. And wherever there was dense populations there was certainly some sort of major industrial site to accompany it. No city was without one our entire route. To me, Macedonia, is a country of pretty gorges. The windy roads are very nicely done, and take you through some very pretty scenery as you follow the rivers path. Houses here are a bit different than in Serbia, in that they are wider than they are tall, but still have a similar style. The tolls for getting around are quite cheap and the roads are definitely worth paying them.

Ruins of Stobi
We did manage to stop at a very well preserved cultural site of Stobi. Here there was a very large Roman settlement that had a large number of palaces from different ages, as well as, some later church inclusions. It was quite interesting to see the different layers, and the palaces were of quite interesting shape and design. The whole site can be seen quite quickly (in about 30 mins) as the signs are not well detailed but give you a good overview of the area. It is also very cheap entrance of 120 MKD, and decently priced souvenirs. It is also a very convenient stop being literally right off the main motorway through the country.

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