Wednesday 2 March 2011

Serbian Countryside

The next morning we headed off early to continue our drive onwards towards Greece, which meant that we got to view the interesting changes through the Serbian countryside. After Belgrade the country gets far more hilly, and the Southern part even more so,that it almost looks like alpine villages from Austria. The southern part of Serbia is really interesting, as there is a clear dividing line about 1 hour from the border, where there is a small pocket of Islamic peoples, as the Serbian orthodox churches disappear and are replaced by minarets. It was really interesting driving through the villages and seeing the differences between city and country lifestyles. For example houses are actually composed of mud bricks in certain areas, and the style of stacking hay actually changes the further south you go. One thing that did make me sad however, was the very large amount of plastic rubbish that was everywhere, especially lining the riverbanks.

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